What is the Student Advocacy Network?

The purpose of the Student Advocacy Network is to assist in solving the Six Fundamental Needs of a Student while in pursuit of higher education, and to assist the student population in contributing to the needs of their community and society.

This is accomplished through the education of student leaders and student advocacy groups on what the fundamental needs of their students are and showing them ways of addressing them.

SAN also streamlines the integration of the student population into the local community.

Click here to review the Six Fundamental Needs of a College Student.


Register to Vote!

Voting is one of the most important ways that students can show the power of their voice.

18 to 24 year-olds are one of, if not the, most unin- volved citizen populations in the country while issues that have a very direct and sometimes harmful effect on their lives continue to get discussed without significant input from student leadership. By voting you can help to change this.

SAN Forums

These forums are a great way to stay connected with other SAN members.

Ask questions, share stories and join the community.

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